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About Sasha



I am so privileged to witness personal transformation of my dearest clients in my office!


Whether you wish to change a habit, or find out about your relationships to make them better, find the guidance how to get rid of physical discomfort, or deep into your inner wisdom to find your answers and insights – I am here to guide your through.


People always referred to their deeper mind to find answers. Yes, in the session we can connect to our Higher Self, which is all knowing and capable to grant healing. We give it a stage and find out what is our mission here and the reasons for our experiences. We can make a connection to our Ego, give it stage with respect, and ask, what is it teaching us by creating conflicts, fears and worries.


All of this brings to the integration and understanding of our bigger selves, which is a huge step in the personal growth and transformation.


I was always reworded by people’s trust in guiding them to reach new heights and abilities. My first call was to be an educator for the kids with special needs and teach them art. Then, I was teaching high school graduates how to pass the tests to enter Architecture and Design Colleges in Israel. This succeed would really opened a future for them and take then to a new level. And they all did!


Next thing I did was teaching art for beginner adults, who where wishing to learn it for so long, but never let themselves, because they had to concentrate on their obligations in family and carrier. When they finally found time and allowed it – this was my joy to teach them. I was so impressed how quickly they become skilled artists! My explanation to this phenomenon was that they been amazing artist all through their live, they just needed to have some tools to express it.


Later on, I pursued carrier of an industrial designer and finished my Master Degree in Science. When it was time to choose  the field of study to conduct a research, I choose to create a guide lines for designers to help them to create a more accessible design for elderly people, who are struggling with new technology, but need to use it to be independent and confident. Using ATM, Internet, emails or any self-service kiosks is essential of our life today and might be very challenging for the aging people.


I conducted research interviewing over 300 seniors. This research was chosen for presentation in couple of international conferences: INCLUDE in Royal Collage of Art in London 2005 and in Human Computer Interaction Conference in Las Vegas, USA in 2005. It was also published in international Journal Gerontechnology. It was so successful!


Now, while writing this text, I made a Google search on this research of mine, and I was happy to discover that the information I found, was used by other significant scientists and designers in the field of technology for seniors, they all referred to my finding in their articles! 


When my family moved to USA, I opened an Alla Prima Art School and started to teach art as the way to a personal expression of creativity. I find it fascinating to see how quickly kids start to see the world with the eyes of a creator.


Can you see the similarity on all those jobs that I chose to take?


I just LOVE helping people to achieve their goals! This is my personal JOY to see people’s success and I am so GRAITFUL for being trusted to guide you to it.


So now, I am a Hypnotherapist and Energy Healer and Teacher. It is my pleasure to be helpful in sessions with my clients. But the most rewarding is to teach people tools that make them independent it their personal transformation and growth. Because we don’t really need a tangible teachers as long as we are connected to our inner wisdom and learn to listen to it. 


In my privet life I enjoy spending time with my husband and my kids the most. I like art, classical music and riding bicycle :-)









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