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Spiritual Hypno Coach Certification


About the Program

All you need to know to successfully support your clients in their transformational process with the help of Spiritual Teams. ( yours and your client's).

Dates: Mar 27, 2023 - Nov 20, 2023

Total of 16 sessions, 2 hours each

We will learn the simple and effective ways to work in different levels of trance state. Start with the stress relief method in a light hypnotic trance and complete the certification with the Past Life regression -inducing the deepest trance state. In between, we will learn methods:

  • Working with children

  • Working with athletes.

  • How to successfully find your client’s limiting beliefs and what to do with them.

  • How to do the Inner child work with the help of the Spirit

  • How to effectively connect to the Soul and Higher Self for healing and guidance

  • How to condition your clients for effective Self Hypnosis work.


Please use this fantastic opportunity to join this course! This course is the only one that would be interactive; all the following ones will offer only recorded information and monthly Q&A sessions.

All the meetings are live on ZOOM.

Small and interactive group.

Meetings are recorded for your convenience- so you can review them later.


By participating in this course, you grant permission to use the recording of the course with your image and voice for the following purposes:

● conference presentations

● educational presentations or courses

● informational presentations

● online educational courses

● educational videos.

Your Guide:
Alexandra Tarakanov 

Alexandra is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Regressionist, and QHHT Practitioner Level 3.

During her eight years of Hypnotherapy Practice, Alexandra has regressed hundreds of clients to experience their multidimensional nature and to create from the Quantum Field.


Alexandra guides groups and individuals to past, future, and between life journeys, creating a place for expansion and growth and supporting spiritual people on their way to their Mastery through Self Hypnosis.


Alexandra believes that Highly Sensitive Individuals are people with extrasensory abilities that can be developed; they are here with a purpose and calling at this time of rapid transition and transformation.


She is guided by a non-physical group of teachers and guides, and most of her program curriculums are channeled.

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