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Spiritual Hypno Coach Certification

Level One


About the Program

All you need to know to successfully support your clients in their transformational process with the help of Spiritual Teams ( yours and your client's).

Total of 16 sessions, 2 hours each

You will have access to the course material and be able to schedule one 1 hour session with Alexandra Sasha for your personal Q&A!

We will learn the simple and effective ways to work in different levels of trance state. Start with the stress relief method in a light hypnotic trance and complete the certification with the Past Life regression -inducing the deepest trance state. In between, we will learn methods:

  • Effective hypnosis inductions and methods to deepen the trance state

  • Establishing and deepening connection with Spirit Guide for you as a practitioner and for your clients.

  • Working with children

  • Working with athletes.

  • How to successfully find your client’s limiting beliefs and what to do with them.

  • How to do the Inner child work with the help of the Spirit

  • Past Life Regression

  • How to effectively connect to the Soul and Higher Self for healing and guidance

  • How to condition your clients for effective Self Hypnosis work.

  • Direct connection to the subconscious mind with IdeoMotor response in a trance state 

  • How to attract clients

  • Self-care of a Healer



Hello, everyone who is still hesitating to take this course, " Spiritual Hypnocoach" by Alexandra Tarakanov.


My name is Maria Plotnikova, and I just completed this wonderful course. I am 40 years old, and my life began to change two years ago when I first got acquainted with Sasha Alexandra Tarakanov.


I did a Past Life Regression session with her and attended her three webinars about Spiritual knowledge. That pushed me to my own Spiritual Transformation, and then I got an online "Self-mastery Course" from Sasha. All these steps showed me that I need to continue my growth.


My soul desired to learn more, to achieve more, to improve my life, and be helpful to all awakened people who are still searching for themselves.


Soon, I took her new program, "Spiritual Hypnocoach ".During this course, I met like-minded people who are so unique and so wonderful.  We practiced with each other not only during our lessons. Alexandra gave much information about Emotional transformation,  Auto-Dual Induction, Hypnosis for kids and sportsmen, Self Hypnosis, and Past life regression.  My favorite topic was "Heart-to-heart conversation with the subconscious mind." It revealed so many issues. I find Rapid Emotional transformation and Past life regression practices most valuable.  They give significant changes and improvements for everyone who has them.


I am very happy to become a Spiritual Hypnocoach taught by Alexandra Tarakanov.  It is a great honor for me. With her talent, kind attitude, intuition,  great knowledge, and amazing skills, it is easy to believe in yourself and become a Hypnocoach!


Your Guide:
Alexandra Tarakanov 

Alexandra is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Regressionist, and QHHT Practitioner Level 3.

During her eight years of Hypnotherapy Practice, Alexandra has regressed hundreds of clients to experience their multidimensional nature and to create from the Quantum Field.


Alexandra guides groups and individuals to past, future, and between life journeys, creating a place for expansion and growth and supporting spiritual people on their way to their Mastery through Self Hypnosis.


Alexandra believes that Highly Sensitive Individuals are people with extrasensory abilities that can be developed; they are here with a purpose and calling at this time of rapid transition and transformation.


She is guided by a non-physical group of teachers and guides, and most of her program curriculums are channeled.

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