Hypnosis - a tool for a change!

Alexandra Sasha Tarakanov is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and QHHT Level 3 Practitioner based in Los Angeles CA.

Whether you are looking for changing a habit, moving forward with greater confidence , choosing to be more creative, looking forward for happier carrier and self realization, wishing to connect to your Higher Self for guidance and support, would like to know more about your past/future life, wishing to find you spiritual answers and metaphysical connection - Hypnosis is a right tool for you!

Hypnosis has being used for thousand of years in many cultures as a healing modality to create change and transformation, to achieve meaningful and positive goals, to connect to the abundant recourses of self and beyond. 


QHHT- is a hypnosis method created by Dolores Cannon. QHHT gives you an amazing opportunity to see your past lives with information relevant for your current life questions, connect to your Subconscious (SC) and ask any questions that you have along with healing and suggestions.  

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Past and Between Lives

You might be curious about your Past Lives, karmic connections with other people in your current life, wishing to understand the relationship or realize your goals. Past Life Regressions, Future Lives Progressions and Between Lives Journeys are fun and informative way to do this.


Reiki Classes

Reiki is a Japanese hand on Energy Healing practice. 
Everyone can learn and practice Reiki. An attunement from Reiki Master is required to start channeling Healing Reiki energy. Reiki is well known for promoting healing, relaxation, stress relieve, creating positive environment, balancing personal energy system and much more...


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