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3 ways to tap into your next level of purpose and joy!

FREE 3-day 
Regression Meditation Series
with Alexandra Sasha Tarakanov Plax

May 12,13 and 15, 2023 11:30-1:00 pm PST

"Lucky are the ones who will embark on this adventure with Alexandra."


S. Muller, Switzerland


The recordings of those sessions will be sent to you and will be available for a limited time

Why now?


We are at a time of rapid transformation and change. Many people are experiencing spontaneous awakening and realizations of their multidimensional nature. 

Your SOUL deliberately chose to incarnate NOW. It is not by accident that you find yourself at this time on this EARTH. 


I know you have a clear calling  -- right now, at this moment in our history, it is fundamental to establish your connection to the multidimensional nature of your SOUL.

Wherever you are now on your journey, this workshop will elevate you to the NEXT LEVEL of your own expansiveness. 


Alexandra Tarakanov MA, CHt 

Alexandra is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Regressionist, and QHHT Practitioner Level 3.

During her 8 years of Hypnotherapy Practice, Alexandra has regressed hundreds of clients to experience their multidimensional nature and to create from the Quantum Field.


Alexandra guides groups and individuals to past, future, and between life journeys, creating a place for expansion and growth, and supporting spiritual people on their way to their Mastery through Self Hypnosis.


Alexandra believes that Highly Sensitive Individuals are people with extrasensory abilities that can be developed; they are here with a purpose and calling at this time of rapid transition and transformation.


She is guided by a non-physical group of teachers and guides, and most of her program curriculums are channeled.

What you get when you sign up:

  • 3 Days of Workshops with resourceful regressions--a Journey into your multidimensional nature. Replays will be available for a limited time.


  • 2 Additional ZOOM Group Sessions with more information and practice


  • Exclusive Facebook Group: all of the feedback and interaction happens in an exclusive Facebook Group, specifically for the extra sensitive people on their spiritual path.


  • Step-By-Step Workbook: follow along with the 3-day workshop (downloadable) and document your personal journey.


What others are saying about working with Alexandra

In my opinion, Alexandra is the best practitioner one could ever do this kind of delicate work with! She is so professional, kind, precise, thoughtful, focused, and made the whole process so fun and easy. I intend to continue to have sessions with her and highly recommend her! Lucky are the ones who will embark on this adventure with Alexandra.


S. Muller, Switzerland




My experience working with Sasha was life-changing. Sasha’s ability to guide my session with both intuition and knowledge brought me to just the right place for healing. I would highly recommended Sasha for this work. I am eternally grateful for my experience with her.

Robin, California



You [Alexandra] are an amazing therapist and facilitator! I am so grateful to have had the chance to go through this experience. It has been mind and heart-opening. I would recommend this to anyone.

Michele C., California

Pranic Healing Practitioner

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