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Self Hypnosis for Self Mastery

6-month signature program by Alexandra Tarakanov CHt


Mastering Yourself through Self Hypnosis 

6-month immersive program of Self-mastery and Self Discovery. This program is created for you and guided by nonphysical guides and teachers, channeled by Alexandra Sasha Tarakanov Plax.

This is a unique transformation container for a highly sensitive you!


We will meet every week for a one-hour group connection. All classes are live-streamed. Groups are small and interactive.

I record each class - and access to the recording is for the participants of the class only.

You will connect to your multidimensional Self to discover the richness and the vastness of your Universe, taking your learning to your everyday life, changing and evolving to the best version of strong and authentic YOU!

We will meet every week on Friday 5:30 pm or 6:30 pm Pacific Time, for an interactive transformational class.

This program will cover 3 main modules

This is for you if you are:

-You are curious about your spiritual expansion and willing to learn and explore your soul journey to live a more purposeful life.


-You are a soul of service, empathetic, and have this need to help and support others. 

-You consider yourself extra sensitive, have strong intuition, and rely on it, trusting its role in your decision making.

-You know you are on your spiritual path, and you may be yogi, Reiki, or other holistic modalities practitioners.

-You might be confused at the moment about your spiritual gifts, overwhelmed by life, or burned out by over-giving to others.

-You might be a parent of an extra sensitive child and looking for clarity on how you can support your kids and loved ones to reach their full potential.

- You understand that balance and grace are a better way of going through life instead of emotional overload and turmoil.

What others are saying about working with Alexandra

In my opinion, Alexandra is the best practitioner one could ever do this kind of delicate work with! She is so professional, kind, precise, thoughtful, focused, and made the whole process so fun and easy. I intend to continue to have sessions with her and highly recommend her! Lucky are the ones who will embark on this adventure with Alexandra.


S. Muller, Switzerland




My experience working with Sasha was life-changing. Sasha’s ability to guide my session with both intuition and knowledge brought me to just the right place for healing. I would highly recommend Sasha for this work. I am eternally grateful for my experience with her.

Robin, California



You are an amazing therapist and facilitator! I am so grateful to have had the chance to go through this experience. It has been mind and heart-opening. I would recommend this to anyone.

Michele C., California

Pranic Healing Practitioner