How do you talk to your Intuition?

Sometimes you just know what is the right thing to do, without any logical explanation. You "just know", without going through thinking and reasoning.

Lets say, something is happening and you think to yourself: “ I had a feeling this would happen!”

Sound familiar, right?

We all have experiences like that. We call this phenomenon intuition.

What is that? Where is this information coming from?

There is definitely a part of us that ”just knows”. Would it be fascinating to speak to this part of us directly?

Yes, like a conversation, a dialog-- asking questions, getting answers. We have so many things to ask this wise part of us about things like relationships or about physical issues, or may be about carrier choices, decision making and so much more!

Now, for the last two years this is what we do in my office. People bring their list of questions and we connect to this wise part of their mind for the answers.

Intriguing? Yes, it is!

I am a hypnotherapist, and by using QHHT technique, developed by Dolores Cannon, I am helping my client to connect to their Higher Self for information and healing.

How is it done?

I remember the first time I steped into hypnotherapy office as a client myself. I didn’t know what to expect and I was so nervous! I thought, hypnotherapist will take control over my mind and I would not be able to control myself. This is a very unpleasant feeling!

But my curiosity was stronger then my fears. I am so glad I decided to have QHHT session then. It was very pleasant session, for my surprise!

I realized then, that hypnosis is a natural state of our mind. It feels the same as during those 5-10 minutes after we wake up in the morning. You can hear and feel everything very clearly, you are fully present where your are.

Maybe, one more example. Imagine yourself in a movie theater, watching an emotional part of the film, being there in the scene, ignoring the noises and other people around you. Of course, you know were you are and who is around you, but also you are very involved with what you see on the screen. This is exactly how I felt during my hypnosis session. I was absolutely present in that leather recliner, under the cozy blanket, and also experiencing some scenes from other lifetimes, speaking with a hypnotherapist and describing them.

QHHT sessions are quite long – 4 to 6 hours, but the time runs very quickly and every session I remember with appreciation and gratitude the founder of this miraculous hypnosis technique —Dolores Cannon, who created QHHT the way it is practiced now. She also founded Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy that teaches her method. I am grateful to Julia Cannon, Dolores’s daughter, who is leading and teaching QHHT method now, after her mother passed.

How was this technique discovered? (from Julia’s Cannon interview to Brandon Beachum for

Dolores Cannon

Dolores Cannon

In 1960s, Dolores’s husband was using hypnotherapy to help people with habits and stress. Dolores was assisting him in those sessions by taking notes and recording.

It was in 1968 that they started to work with a woman who struggled with nervous eating and some other related health issues. This woman asked her doctor if she could do hypnosis and the doctor said that hypnosis wound’t harm.

This woman appeared to be somnambulistic, which is quite rear. It means that the client hardly remembers what she sees in the state of hypnosis and her conscious mind doesn’t interferer with the information that is coming through during the hypnosis session.

This woman was curios about past lives, and asked if it would be possible to find something about it. It was 1968 and in the Western World was barely any information abou