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Fear of stepping out of your "Spiritual Closet"

Do you know someone who still prefers to stay in their spiritual shell? This session is essential for all of you who are holding yourself back on fulfilling your purpose of lifting other people up by sharing and teaching how and what you had overcome!

Please share this video with people who have a similar block!

This session contains the frequencies and imagery for healing of this issue.

I am so excited for this opportunity to share it! I am a Level 3 QHHT practitioner. This is a part of one of the sessions that I conducted. This session is with an amazing person who was so kind to give his permission to share it!

He had beautiful healing that was done to remove his long-lasting block: fair to be seen for who he truly is. His life purpose is to be a spiritual teacher, but he was struggling with fair of putting himself out. I feel like there are many people right now struggling with the same and will benefit from this healing! This session contains this healing! Share it!

To connect with me regarding my signature program: "Self-hypnosis is a tool for self-mastery for the parents of highly sensitive kids" Please join my FB group:

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