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What are Chakras and why we hear about “chakra cleaning” and “ chakra balancing” so often?

Chakras are the centers where each of us holds our own vital energy.

The chakras cannot be seen in medicine or MRI, but in Eastern culture, they are considered to be linked to the body's central nervous system, organs, and glands.

So, knowing this, balancing your chakra can make a huge difference in a person’s physical and mental health. One way to balance one’s Chakras is using Reiki.

REIKI is defined as a modality that brings balance into our natural bio-magnetic energy system. As REIKI practitioners, we check the Chakras before and after the session either by the ideomotor response, muscle testing, pendulum, or just sensing their vibrations with our hands by holding them above the chakra centers. After each session, we can see and feel how significant the change is!

Since Chakras are energy, like everything around us, they vibrate at their own frequency to keep the body in a state of balance.

Of course, when we are balanced and well, we don’t notice it, but when we don’t feel that balance, we cannot miss it! Depending on the unbalance, we can start felling negative emotions and thoughts first, and then (if the energy center is not restored) the physical feeling of discomfort follows. It can be either in the organs or glands corresponding to the blocked chakra.

As vortexes of energy, chakras constantly take in and out energy, protecting us and keeping energy flow constant. When the chakras are “open” and “clean,” Chi energy can flow freely through our energy body, creating a connection between Earth energy and the Cosmic Source of energy.

What would be our emotions when one of the chakras is “not balanced”?

Let's look at the Seven Major Chakras.

1) Root chakra.

It is our survival, security, physical well-being, health, and personal reliance. When we are balanced in our root chakra, we are more grounded, centered, and focused. We have a sense of stability in our lives because we have a strong foundation. We trust ourselves more since this balance creates even and calm energy, and we can better cope with stress.

When we are unbalanced, we behave more greedy, selfish, and self-centered. People who lack balance in the root chakra feel the need to be important and win everything at any price. They constantly prove to themselves that they are worthy, important, and needed.

Those people can have many second guesses in their self-talk: “If only I could have done this,” “If only I have done that…” trying to find their mistakes. They are not so self-assured and often doubt their own decisions. Those people can find they are attached to particular objects and feel the need to gather material things. Those material elements compensate for the inner lack of confidence. They often project oversized confidence to hide the lack of it.

2) Sacral chakra.

This energy center allows us to connect with others without losing ourselves. So, when we are imbalanced, we can keep our own balance in any relationship, even very emotional ones.

The sacral chakra represents creativity, emotions, and motivations and is also known as a pleasure center.

When we are balanced in the Sacral Chakra--we are more creative, more down to Earth, and more honest in our intimate relationships. We can be honest with ourselves and accept our own truth.

When we are unbalanced, we tend to be more manipulative and oversensitive, hard on ourselves, and out of touch with reality. We lack “order” in our emotions, find it hard to find motivation, and have chaotic goals.

3) Solar Plexus chakra.

The governed word for this chakra is wisdom. This is where we have our self-esteem, courage, personal power, self-respect, and a sense of mental clarity.

This is the place of the soul.

Our soul has infinite wisdom. When we are balanced, we are optimistic, respectful, love, and embrace spontaneity. Our soul feels fulfilled, and we don’t think about what others think.

If we lack balance in this Chakra, we are often disrespectful to others, very dependent on other people's opinions, and spend lots of our energy pleasing other people's expectations. We relay on others to reflect on us, and we often feel weak or depressed.

4) Heart chakra.

The governing phrase is “unconditional love”.

This is our compassion, forgiveness, our unity, and our ability for human love.

When balanced- we are more nurturing and compassionate, and we love and accept ourselves totally and completely. We love and accept others and feel free from judgment.

When we are unbalanced, we are very controlling. People can withhold emotions to control others and also have a big fear of rejection. People who lack balance in Hart Chakra often live in a space of a victim reality; they feel undeserving of love, and they start to create drama. This is all about getting attention. They felt undeserving.

5) Throat chakra.

This is where we communicate, self-express, and heal. It is all about being heard and understood. People feel very powerful when they can speak their truth, and they are more satisfied with life and more positive.

If a person is unbalanced in the through chakra, they tend to be overly chatty. They talk incisively, you realize that you cannot put words in the conversation with them, and they feel that whatever they have to say is more important than anyone else’s opinion. Moreover, people with unbalanced throat chakra tend to be unreliable and unpredictable.

6) Third eye chakra.

The governing word is perception. This chakra is for imagination, intuition, inner vision, psychic abilities, and our way to our higher self.

When we are unbalanced, we are domineering, too logical, delusional, lack imagination, fear success, and self-sabotage.

7) Crown chakra.

This is the place of our Enlightenment, our spiritual connection. When we are “open” and “balanced,” we are open to receiving guidance and inspiration. This is where our ability to healthy selflessness resides. So, when we are balanced, we tend to feel inspired in general and are more charismatic. To be in balance in the Crown chakra is an overall blissful state since we are open to receiving.

If there is an imbalance, people are confused and frustrated, it is hard for them to make a decision, and they are out of touch with their inner wisdom and their spiritual connection.

Keep your Chakras strong.

There are so many ways you can restore your chakras!

I personally like Reiki the most because it is so easy and natural. If you are a Reiki practitioner, you may work on yourself by giving yourself Reiki in the present or in any past or future situations.

Another powerful tool to restore your Chakras is Hypnosis or Guided Meditation. In Hypnosis, we can give direct or indirect suggestions to a person to balance Chakras.

For example, if there is a misbalance in the Root chakra, the suggestion in the hypnotic state may sound like this: ” Your ability to forgive yourself and others grows each and every day. You are becoming more comfortable of giving and receiving unconditional love” .

In Guided Meditation, using the power of our imagination and visualization, we can change the color and the clarity of the chakras just by concentrating on them and imagining them in pure health and balance.

Using the Law of Repetition and taking into consideration the Law of Delayed Action, we can gradually restore our body's energy system using our natural abilities for rejuvenation and healing.

You might test your Chakras at

Image source "7 main chakra" by Gil Dekel, Vezixig. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

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