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The Journey of the Volunteer Soul. Segment of QHHT Past Life Regression.

In one of Dolores Cannon's books, " Three Waves of Volunteers," Dolores describes how other souls from different existences in the Universe volunteered to come to Earth and help with our planet's ascension.

I was privileged to meet one of those Volunteer Souls!

This is a segment of Samantha's QHHT session. I am so grateful that she let me share it. Her session brought her a lot of healing and realizations, but it also contained information that I believe can be valuable for our collective. During her QHHT hypnosis session, Samantha experienced and described two very interesting extraterrestrial lives.

One of them is picturing how she became a volunteer on this Earth during this time of change. Her Higher Self also brought up some fascinating information, which I will share in my next video.

The curious thing is that my client came to her session on Tuesday, 22/08/2020, and the file of her session takes exactly 222.2 MB. The recording of her session is 1 hour 44 min and 55 sec and was recorded at 3:45 p.m. I am not a numerologist, but how the numbers look caught my eye.

Her Higher Self was very clear that I was to share it, so here is one of those lives:

After transitioning from her first life as a very big humanoid living on the rings of a Moon, she saw herself as a small creature working inside a tiny spaceship with his partner. They are collecting energy from the dying star. This is the way they harvest energy for their civilization. She hears the call to come and help another civilization.

Her body stayed preserved in an incubator on her home planet, but her consciousness traveled to a planet described as Earth. The way she hears the call, the way she travels, and the way she decides to stay and help are very vividly described. I find it fascinating!

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