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How Higher Self might sound like in QHHT Session?

Would you like to experience the direct communication with this all knowing part or you that some might call the Higher Self or the Super Consciousness?

This is exactly what we do during QHHT Sessions. I am a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Practitioner Level 3 and many people have asked me: " How would I experience my Higher Self communicating through me during my QHHT Session?"

My answer is that there is no one specific way, everyone is unique and every experience is different.

In this audio segment you can hear direct conversation with her Higher Self - the all-knowing part of us. This is a recording from QHHT session. A few moments of the session were cut out for the privacy reasons. I am so grateful to Samantha for allowing me to share her session!

Dolores Cannon developed QHHT hypnosis method. By working with hundreds of client in regression, Dolores found out that there are 3 waives of volunteers, that came to this planet to assist with the ascension of the Earth.

Dolores Cannon wrote a book "Three Waves of Volunteers" that is describing this phenomenon. Since then, many people identified themselves as those volunteers. Many of those people are curios, how they received and accepted this call for help. You are hearing the segment of the hypnosis session with one of those volunteers!

This segment includes the conversation with this soul’s Higher Self. It includes the healings that was done to the client by Higher Self and information about the root cause of those discomforts. Higher Self gives interesting information about spiritual hubs on the planet and about new vortexes that are being created on Earth.

The most important is that Higher Self encourages Samantha to be brave and share her talents.

In addition, Higher Self helps her reclaim the feeling of pure knowing, confidence and pure servitude of what she is here to do, and remaining her that she is not along in her mission.

You may listen to the segment by following this link:

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