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Story of one Portrait

Those are my grandparents. I drew this portrait of my grandparents back in 2005, way before I heard my call to explore the metaphysical world with hypnosis. Or maybe this was a call?

I looked at a copy of a beautiful studio photograph taken in 1933 in Bessarabia. They are getting married. I am painting this portrait now as a gift to my father, their youngest son.

I didn’t have a chance to meet my grandmother Rebecca; she died suddenly when my father was a kid. The family story tells that she died from a penicillin injection, having a rare allergy that caused sudden death.

Rebecca had a physical gift and was known for her abilities; people came to her for readings.

She foresaw her sudden death. My aunt told me that a few days before the accident, Rebecca took off her jewelry and brought it to a friend and neighbor, saying: “ I will die, and my husband will bury me with this jewelry, so please

keep it safe and give it to him after the funeral”. This is exactly what happened.

So, I was sitting and painting this portrait in our first apartment in Los Angeles. I had painted many portraits before and this one is just one of them, with some hint of emotions and sentiments. My grand father’s figure and face came up easily and effortlessly, I was working and bringing up memories from my childhood and adolescence, thinking of him, his role and impact in my life.

Now, it is time to paint Rebecca’s portrait. She has a straight gaze into the viewer’s eyes…

I never knew her, but the feeling I got from looking at her was very familiar. Painting is not easy, and the emotions that came up were quite strong and interfered with my work!

I didn’t think much of it first, just continuing painting layer after layer changing and repainting again and again, but this is not an easy process, definitely very different from all the other portraits of other people that I have ever done before.

So, I paused and started to analyze what was happening and what I was feeling.

Suddenly I realized that the feeling I get while painting her is the same exact feeing I have when I paint my self-portraits, when I paint MYSELF!

And this is what struck me the most! Why do I feel like I am drawing myself while I am painting my grandmother Rebecca? I became so curious!

Ten years later, in 2015, after completing QHHT Level 1, I did my first exchange session with another practitioner I had this question on my list:

“ Why was it such an emotional process to paint my grandmother Rebecca?”

The answer I got was:


Another five years have passed since then. I pursued my career in Hypnosis, becoming QHHT Level 2 and currently working toward my Level 3.

Through my hypnosis sessions, I learned about my soul connections with my kids and my husband in this life. Who are we to each other? What kind of experiences have we had together in different times and roles? How are we here to assist each other in this experience?

Having this information helped me tremendously to understand their purpose and the best way I can assist them.

But the most important thing is that my relationship with them in my current life has become better. I have learned what we are here to teach each other and how we are supporting each other’s growth.

Looking back at this 15-year journey, I am grateful for the guidance of my family and my grandmother, Rebecca.

I am a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Practitioner Level 3, and I deeply love and appreciate Dolores Cannon's legacy.

I would happily answer your questions about the technique and facilitate your QHHT experience. My hypnotherapy office is located in Los Angeles, CA

Alexandra Sasha Tarakanov

Certified Hypnotherapist CHt

Reiki Master and Teacher

QHHT Level 3 Practitioner


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